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25 September 2020
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25 September 2020



We were waiting this day for so long and now, finally here we are! And what best occasion to do that if not for the best day of the year, Christmas.

Well, where then you should ask? In Valdidentro and to be specific at the Cima Piazzi Happy Mountain ski area, right at the top of the gondola Isolaccia - Pian della Mota.But what is this to be as clear as possible? The Family Bob is a fun attraction on rail, which is doable and accesssible for anyone littles from three years old with their parents and families;
thanks to a 300 meters automatic rising, you will enjoy a 600 meters descent from the top through the amazing alpine environment and super landscape of the valley. Yes you saw it right! Pure 600 meters of descent with parabolic curve and spiral curve super close to the pines! And all that amusement with the 100% of safety level for anyone.That's why the Family Bob is probably the best choice for those that do not practice ski or snowboard. It's a total different way of experiencing the mountain! And it will be available during both winter and summer seasons.
Plan you vacations in Bormio and places close to it so that you'll reach the place in less than 15 min by car. It will be the experience of a lifetime. Take a look at the Family Bob's packs and prices.