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19 May 2024
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Relying on the Valdidentro ski school is the best choice to learn how to ski in the Cima Piazzi - San Colombano area or to improve your technique.

If you are a parent and you want your children to take their first steps on the snow or become more confident, the choice is "mandatory".
With the Masters of the Valdidentro ski school, the little ones can take their first steps on the snow in the only educational area of Alta Valtellina. In a space specially designed and equipped with playful educational tools, children from 3 years will approach the snow on skis in a fun way.
Once you have acquired a little familiarity, waiting for them is the school camp, served by the Bambi and Leprotto carpets and enriched with numerous useful structures for learning the first fundamentals of skiing, that is, to brake and turn. In this way, in an environment designed specifically for children and with highly qualified personnel, children will progress to reach the various levels that are identified by the animals of the nearby Stelvio National Park: teddy bears, ermellini, leprotti, fawns, roe deer and eaglets.


Many have the conviction that the master is needed only if one is not able to ski. The masters, however, can also accompany you in the discovery of the ski area, give useful tips to improve the style, increasing your safety on skis or snowboard and, consequently, fun.
This is why the Valdidentro ski school offers group courses or private lessons even for advanced levels. For your children there will be the possibility of skiing with other peers of the same level, learning and making new friends. With true fans of this sport they will discover every corner, even the most hidden, of the Cima Piazzi - San Colombano ski area, not forgetting the exploration of the most amusing areas, namely the groves. The district, in fact, develops mainly in the woods and, above all in the snowy winters, it is a hoot to go into the paths that are traced, including the Happy Tracks: here, to see a squirrel that crosses you in front of the ski tips is at agenda, but ... can you imagine the magic of the moment for a child?
The Valdidentro ski school also counts among its teachers also snowboard and telemark professionals, for all those who are curious to try a different discipline.

We are waiting for you to ski at Cima Piazzi with the masters of the Valdidentro ski school!

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