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13 June 2024
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Go MTB in Valdidentro means access to a very wide network of paths that winds from the slopes of Cima Piazzi, to Val Viola, to Cancano, Val Trela and its side valleys.

The territory of Valdidentro offers trails for all tastes, with the great prerogative of always developing far away from the inhabited centers and the traffic: in this way anyone,
will be able to enjoy a bit of tranquility while riding his bike or a MTB with pedaling assisted.

One of the peculiarities of the Valdidentro is that, once you have taken yourself to the top of Cima Piazzi, you always have at least a couple of options: to go ahead, climbing up the mountains to reach the highest panoramic points, or to go along the paths that develop in the middle of the mountains and with lower slopes, but no less fun ... indeed!


If you want to go along some of the most beautiful single trails of the Alta Valtellina, do not miss taking the
Isolaccia - Pian della Mota gondola to take you to the top of Cima Piazzi.

From here you can continue the ascent towards the small church of San Colombano, but what we feel to advise you are the other two options, namely to venture along the route usually used for the Alta Valtellina Bike Marathon, which attracts over 2200 mountain bikers from all over Europe .

The first option, if you are looking for something quiet and not too adventurous, is to take the forest road that leads to the Forte di Oga: from here, you can also choose to go back down to the valley, to Piandelvino.

If, instead, you are a lover of wild and uncontaminated woods and single trails are your daily bread, we suggest you get on the Palancana slope, as far as the arrival of the ski lift, and from here enjoy the endless paths that will take you, floor, below the slopes
of Cima Piazzi and, beyond, in Val Verva and Val Viola. Also for this second chance, the beauty is that you will have frequent return points in the valley. Remember to pick up your trail map at the ticket office or in Proloco!