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There is nothing better than a day at high altitude at almost 2000 meters above sea level! Take the Isolaccia-Pian della Mota cable car and choose from the many activities you will find upon arrival:

  • Lunch at the Conca Bianca refuge: enjoy rich platters of local cold cuts and cheeses, delicious pizzocheri and buttery taròz, made with boiled potatoes and green beans. Outside the refuge we have also set up a playground for the little ones;
  • Family Bob: live an adrenaline-pumping experience taking advantage of the slopes of the mountain aboard a bobsled on rails. With its 600 meters in length and its parabolic curves, the Family Bob is an attraction suitable for everyone;
  • Excursions: choose the itinerary that best suits you and discover Valdidentro from a unique perspective. Remember to bring sunscreen, adequate clothing, water and food with you. And I recommend: do not leave waste on the ground!

In the Online Shop you can easily purchase your lift tickets and don't worry for your four-legged friends: there is room for them too!


  • Pian della Mota – Forte di Oga: 5 km itinerary starting just below the Conca Bianca refuge and arriving at Forte di Oga, one of the best preserved First World War fortifications in Europe. The duration of the excursion varies according to the level of preparation, but does not exceed 4 hours round trip. From a technical point of view, the itinerary is easy, with an uphill difference in height of 72 meters and a maximum uphill gradient of 10%. Also ideal for the little ones;
  • Pian della Mota – Alpe Boron: excursion that generally takes 6 hours round trip. When the gondola arrives, go up towards the Palancana slope and from here continue towards Alpe Boron, at the foot of Cima Piazzi. The itinerary, of medium difficulty, is also suitable for families, but in this case make sure it is not too long for your children, to avoid having to load them on your shoulders halfway!
  • Pian della Mota – Church of San Colombano: a suggestive itinerary of medium-high level which from the Conca Bianca refuge leads you to the Church of San Colombano, at an altitude of 2500 metres. Built in 1616, the church was the destination of numerous pilgrimages of women who were unable to have children. From here you can enjoy breathtaking views and a unique perspective on Cima Piazzi.